Recycling + Reuse Services
recycling and reuse

Recycling + Reuse Services

Environmentally responsible companies want a solution to their disposal needs. Goodwill can help. Goodwill Industries is committed to reducing landfill waste, as well as providing job training and work opportunities for people with barriers to employment. 

Goodwill Recycling + Reuse Services helps area businesses and manufacturers manage surplus corporate assets — such as office furniture, obsolete equipment or machinery, and other supplies — in an environmentally responsible way. By partnering with Goodwill, your organization supports the community as well as the environment.

Through a combination of recycling and reuse practices, Goodwill ensures each donated asset reaches its best destination for maximum value and minimal waste. Using Goodwill as your single-source provider for the disposal of your unwanted material saves you time and money, eliminates your corporate liability, and keeps 95 percent of the material out of landfills.


How it works:

We plan and manage the entire process, making it seamless and easy. Goodwill picks up your surplus assets and transports it to our recycling center. Items are sorted for disassembly and recycling, or for reuse through sale at our retail centers. Our team can meet with you to customize a plan for your unwanted items. Accepted items could include furniture, equipment, office supplies, machinery, wiring, electronics, appliances, light fixtures, and general recycling. We will work with you to find a tailored, cost-effective, no-hassle solution to your disposal needs. Revenue from fees and commodities funds workers’ wages and transportation costs.


Cost of the service:

The cost of Goodwill’s Recycling + Reuse Services is no more than landfill costs; no surcharges or hidden fees. Our team can provide you with an accurate estimate, and will take care of all the logistics for pick-up and proper recycling. We can help your company be a good steward of the environment without any additional cost, and you own the bragging rights for waste diversion metrics we can supply you.

For more information on services, call Dan Broersma 231-722-787 x1019

Benefits of partnership with Goodwill:

  • Save time, hassle, and space
    Let us do the heavy lifting (literally) and take the burden.
  • Reduce expenses
    Reduce your trash removal expense and your bottom line.
  • Improve your company waste ratio
    Take pride in doing the right thing and share the results with your customers and stakeholders. We can provide you with an environmental impact report including tonnage of waste diverted.
  • Public recognition
    Goodwill recognizes its Recycling + Reuse corporate partners (with your permission) in our annual reports, press releases, social media, and other public outreach.

Distribution of your unwanted assets
(by weight):